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Day one in Mexico
Paul and I arrive in the evening after a surprisingly pleasant, though very long, flight from Paris and, I have to say, Read more

The locals in the Maloti mountains in the north who care for disabled and HIV-positive kids
Plunging down into another valley and with the needle nicking 140, Read more

How women in Lesotho are driving the fight against HIV
Out in the dusty play yard of the New Millennium Primary School in Maseru, 18-year-old coach Read more

From the Standard Lesotho Bank a line of workers – constituted mainly from the textile industry — extends out and down Maseru’s main street.  It’s Read more

Tanzania has seen solid progress over the last ten years, in terms of infrastructure development, primary education and giving access to medical facilities to more Read more

It’s difficult to avoid religion in Uganda, mission hospitals and schools line the roads while churches and mosques split the skyline.  And Born-Again Christians stand Read more

Iringa is in the southwest of Tanzania, a typical rural region with fascinating scenery on the way – a baobab valley and a national park Read more

With some two million orphans in Tanzania, from my arrival in Dar es Salaam it was not difficult to start working. After visiting the Ministry Read more

A motorbike pulls into the driveway of Mulago Hospital in Kampala, a woman held onto the saddle by one man while another drives. The first Read more

Friday, June 8th
Dr Clarke takes me to his constituency office for a morning of council meetings.  I meet one of his assistants, Brenda, who is Read more

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