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Research resources for journalists

The Simon Cumbers Media Fund seeks to assist and promote more and better quality coverage of international development issues in the Irish media. Part of the application criteria is that proposals must offer a new angle and must not have been broadcast, published or exhibited in any format previously. Here is a list of useful resources that intending applicants, or those interested in development issues, can consult when preparing an application for the Simon Cumbers Media Fund.

The Irish Aid website offers a comprehensive overview of Irish Aid’s programme, its latest news and information on how and where it works, who it works with, how it responds to emergencies, and its priority areas. While applications do not need to have a direct link to Irish Aid’s work, they must have relevance to one or more of the seven Irish Aid Priority Areas for Action.

TravelWise is a new app for smartphones that has been designed to help Irish citizens stay safe while travelling, working and living abroad. The user-friendly app offers detailed travel advice for 200 countries.

The Irish Aid Climate Learning Platform is an online database providing information and tools on climate change. As part of the platform, Irish Aid has released Country Climate Action Reports for Irish Aid’s Key Partner Countries, outlining the climate situation in the respective countries.  This is a useful tool for journalists researching projects with an environmental focus.

Dóchas is the Irish association of Non-Governmental development organisations. The Dóchas website contains a wealth of information and resources on Irish NGOs working in the developing world, as well as specific pages on the Sustainable Development Goals and the international refugee crisis, that may be of interest to anyone researching a project. provides resources aimed at educators, students and journalists to stimulate debate about development issues such as sustainability, fair trade and women’s rights. Tools on the website include a searchable online resource library and downloadable themed issue guides with development data.

The European Commission’s Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development (DG DEVCO) is responsible for designing European international cooperation and development policy and delivering aid throughout the world. The policy section on the website, and in particular the development policy section, makes essential reading for those thinking of applying to the Fund.

The Simon Cumbers Media Fund’s Project Showcase offers a selection of work from recipients. It gives an insight into the type of projects that have been funded and may strike a spark of inspiration for future projects, bearing in mind that project proposals should be new.